Is cheating OK?

Hey there!

So, I had a lousy day today. I was sick so I didn’t go to the college, my roommates were occupied somewhere, and all I was left with, to overcome the boredom I was going to drown in, was my laptop with few movies in it. Oh before I come to the main point, I watched 7 movies today. Yay! What a day!

One of the seven movies I watched, one got me into deep thinking. So, a wife was cheating on her husband, but then she realized that, Oh no, I’d need my husband anyway, my kids, my family!

And she leaves her boyfriend and comes back and they live happily ever after.

That was not right! Right?

Is it really okay, to cheat on someone?

You cheat because you can’t handle the risk of losing them. If they’re that much important to you, what makes you go to another person?

I won’t lie to you but there was this short time period in my life, where I thought that cheating ain’t bad.

I am gonna leave this blog hanging like that. I’d welcome your views and thoughts. Do comment!





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