I am going to tell you something today. Well, nothing new but worth giving sometime. So, today afternoon, in the lunch break I was coming back to my hostel to eat because I didn’t do my breakfast properly and I was starving. And hunger wasn’t the only problem but also the menstrual cramps. I got out of the building and found a really close friend of mine waiting outside, who by the way knew about my cramps but apparently forgot because of the hunger or let’s just say, boys!!

Anyway, so he casually asked me if I wanted him to drop me till hostel on his bicycle else he’d come with his friend on the scooter.  Now I am not the type who asks favor from friends, because it’s their duty, they just should know. *swinging mood*

I smiled on his question, thinking isn’t it obvious you should drop me. But I didn’t say that out loud.  He asked me if I was sure. I told him, “of course, I am.”  Which actually meant, “Dude I am sure you’ll come peddling as I start walking and drop me anyway.”

I was sure but he wasn’t. I was walking and as I reached on the main road, I saw him passing by on his friend’s scooter.

“Huh, wasn’t I clear enough? He should have dropped me.”

Now there are two things that could have happened.

First, I could have gotten mad at him and stopped talking.

Or, second, I could have just laughed at the situation, about how that guy is an idiot. *or I am an Idiot.”

I chose the second one. I kept laughing for another 10 minutes, thinking, “ You complain next time about being single and you’re dead.”

Oh! About the cramps, I got lift. Reached safely hostel and wrote this what you are reading right now.

Come on, we girls aren’t that complicated. *still laughing*

So, guys just a little piece of advice, next time you know a girl is going through her periods, either just stay away or if you talk, be ready to be a victim of swinging mood.

But it won’t be that bad, I assure you. Maybe she’ll also laugh at the situation like I did. 😉

Every situation has two things to offer you. And this follows everywhere every time. It’s on you how you want to take it. Either be mad at it or laugh it out loud.

Bye 🙂



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