“Where do you live?”


The first time you meet someone, what is the most common question they ask you?

What’s your name? Where are you from? Right? Right!

In my case “where are you from?” is one of the most difficult questions for me to answer. I live in Allahabad, UP, this could have been the answer, everything was going well, but then my dad got posted to a new place. Hey, I am not complaining but when we moved to this new town, things changed. Now if someone asks me where do I live? This is how the conversation goes,

You know Ayodhya?

Yeah, I do.

Yeah, not there.

40 kms from ayodhya is Faizabad.

Okay, so there.

Aaa no.

Few Kms from there is a district Gonda, then comes a city Mankapur and  there is an industry set up there, I.T.I, Indian tel. and that’s inside a colony, so…I live there and dad works in that industry.

Phew!  If that’s not complicated I don’t know what is. So, I was brought up in this little town, in a small family of 4 people. Every day, 5 am in the morning my mom would get up, come to me, plant a soft kiss on my forehead and at the top of her voice say “get up, get up, get up, get up, its already 6, and you have to be in school in 45 mins.

And my dad, He would quietly come to mom with an alarm clock in his hand  and say, “darling, you know this thing. I was just wondering that maybe someday you would like to use it” and this little argument would give me a little more time to sleep. Ladies and gentlemen, that’s my parents. Except for these two love birds, I have one more interesting person in my house, my little sister, Akanksha.

According to her, I should know answer to every question no matter what.

A couple of years back, we were visiting our relatives and when I was asked what I wanted to become, the  two occupations that popped in my head were doctor and engineer, I had no idea what an engineer does, so I went with doctor. Then same question was asked to Akanksha and immediately she answered “ If didi (elder sister) becomes the doctor then I shall be a nurse; she will do all the hard work and I ll have fun” And trust me, she still holds on to that opinion of hers.  She is my favorite person on this earth. She is optimistic, funny and idolizes me.

I studied in a convent school, it was co-ed, but for me it was a girls’ school. I never really liked the boys, they  were like aliens to me so they never existed in my world. Every conversation with them would end up into a fight and they used to call me “the lady goon of the class”.

And recently, one day my sis came to me and said “didu, I am the goon of  my class now”

See, you were a goon, I am a goon. “Goon sisters” Yay. This is how she idolizes me.

And after spending my 17 beautiful years in this happy place, I moved to Delhi for my graduation.

I have just completed my graduation from Hans raj, DU, in Geology and currently I am doing my masters from Forest Research Institute, Dehradoon.

I still remember, in my first year of graduation, one day we all were practicing for fresher’s party with our seniors.  So, a guy of my class, who was known for his PJs approached a senior of mine and insisted on telling him a joke. The senior said, “I know I am going to regret this, but go ahead”.

So, he went ahead

Roses are red, My name isn’t dave

This makes no sense, Microwave.

Senior said “please someone throw this guy out of the window”

In those 3 years of my graduation, I saw that guy speaking of stage, giving presentations, speaking on topics he doesn’t even know about and winning the competitions. And  this crazy PJ master later became a great friend and inspiration for me. He is the reason why I started blogging.

So, everyone that’s me.

Now, you know where I come from. When do I get to know where you come from?


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