Growing old with each other!

It’s been so long since I have typed something for “brown little sparrow”. But see I am back.

My parents few months ago celebrated their 27th marriage anniversary :).  And by celebration I mean, a vanilla ice-cream brick and a bottle of cold drink. Like I do every year, I called my sister a day before their anniversary to ask her if it’s today or tomorrow, because I always get confused between two dates. Guess what I am still not sure if it’s 18th or 19th of May.

Anyway I called my parents in the morning and with full excitement wished them; on which my Dad’s and my Mom’s reaction was, “Really? 27 years? And what is the date today?”

Right!! When every couple is busy counting months and days for birthdays and anniversaries, my parents couldn’t care less about it. All that is celebrated in our home is, my and my sister’s birthday, because we are children and my dad’s birthday, because it is same as my sister’s.

The small anniversary party that we have in our house is also ‘cause me and my sister would keep poking mom and dad, and now it’s a trend.

I idolize them, especially as a couple. They have seen so much but they always had each other’s  support. My mom can go really crazy at times and still every time I have seen my dad consoling and convincing her. I sometimes get calls from mom telling me how dad doesn’t give time to her; she talks like a teenager in love and that is the sweetest thing ever.  I have seen them fighting over remote, complaining about how dad is always late if we have to go somewhere and how, no matter how late dad gets, mom is never gonna get ready on time. I have seen them teaming up against me and my sister during carom board games, cooking together and always complaining how they cook better than each other.

So what they don’t remember their anniversary date, at least they forget it together and don’t fight about it.27 years is a lot of time. I always wondered if I will be able to handle a relationship, or a marriage. What if it didn’t work out? What if we fought?

But then I look at these two love birds, my mom and dad. They are two very different people but still compatible. They loved each other and they always knew and still know that they just have to do one thing, “Never give up”. They still believe in making things work out even in the darkest of times. They have each other no matter what.  They trust and believe each other.

Image result for grow old with you

They give me my “relationship goals”. If they can do it; so can I. I am one day going to tell my better half, that,  hey, i want to grow old with you! and I will stick to it till our “forever”.

If you ever think of ending up any relationship, just wait and think why did you begin it at the first place. It’s really easy to see a black dot in a white paper, but just because of one black dot you should never ever ignore the white part completely.

What if someone wants you to focus on that black dot? Don’t fall in the trap my friend.

Bye 🙂


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