Carmichael coal mines: The worst thing to do in the current environmental crisis

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Carmichael coal mine is a proposed coal mine in the Northwestern coast of Australia (Galilee Basin), which is a venture of the Adani Group from India. It is a mine of epic (and disastrous) proportions. The coal mine, if functional, is expected to produce 60 million tonnes of coals per year, or 2.3 billion tonnes in 60 years. It would be the largest coal mine of Australia.

Now you would think that Australia, a country which shot down a developmental project along the Barrier Reef to save a species of lizard, would not think twice before it throws the submission papers of this project out the window. Sadly, that’s not what happened. In October 2015, the federal government gave its approval for the project to start, and on February 1st 2016, the Queensland State Authorities gave an environmental clearance for the project to kick off.

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