Environment and Demographic- How different age groups are affecting the world around us


Our world today is a mixture of generations that are world apart. You have the elderly, who have lived their entire lives without the technology and amenities that define the 21st century. You have the parents, who have grown up in an environment much like their parents, only to be shocked into a whole new world. You then have the kids of the 80s and 90s, who have seen both worlds, but have had time to learn and adapt to the changing world. And then you have the children from the post millennial times, who take everything we have today around us for granted.

4 generations. 4 different worlds. Now, all of them have been thrown into a world that none of them fully understand. How are they living? What part are they playing, specifically with respect to the environment?

The two youngest generations hold the key to environment protection…

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