Not useless!

Hello 🙂

Today I am so happy, I couldn’t even describe.  All your life when you keep thinking that you’re useless and of no good, even a tiny ray of hope or motivation helps. Well, something similar happened with me today.

I have just finished my graduation and eventually to get into another college, for masters, I had to appear in entrance exams. I am not going to lie but I didn’t really prepare well for any of those. But every time results were declared before checking them on the site, my heart would start beating fast and I’d start sweating. Every time I clicked “enter” or “show result” I had this hope that maybe my luck would work and I will get it.

But apparently my luck factor isn’t that good. I didn’t get into any of the colleges I applied for. One thing that needs to be get considered here is I didn’t prepare well for them but I didn’t want those institutes and had only applied because my dad wanted me to.

There was one college in which I wished I had gotten into, but I didn’t study hard for it either because my semester exams and that entrance’s date were in the same week. And I wanted to do good in semesters so I preferred those, focused there and didn’t get the college I wanted.

But, my semester exams’ result could get me in a good university, in Delhi University and fingers crossed I am very positive about it.

And I just realized that I worked really hard for my semester exams and that will get me a good college. My hard work will pay off. I am not useless, I just invested into a different thing and that thing is mine.

But the thing that makes me even happier is a news. Well, let me tell you in detail. My dad called me today and asked me to keep an eye on the cut-off of the colleges. By the way cut-off is the marks or percentage list issued by every college. Like if cut-off is 90, that means students who have scored 90 out of whatever the total is, can get admission in that college. Most of the times colleges issue more than one cut-off list. Marks for admission keeps decreasing in every cut-off by one or two marks.

Dad also added it shouldn’t happen again. I got confused.

I asked him, “Dad, what shouldn’t happen again?”

He replied, “The CLAT entrance that you gave before graduation, after you completed you school! Well, you had qualified it. You got it in the second cut-off.  And I didn’t keep a track of that, and we missed the chance”

I went crazy. By the way, CLAT stands for common law admission test. I didn’t ask him why he never told me, maybe he thought I’d really be upset. Well, maybe I would have been upset but right now after three years, I started jumping. I felt feel so good.

I have qualified an exam. An entrance exam.

I have always cried to myself that I haven’t cracked any entrance in my entire life. I am so useless. But I am not.

I am so proud of myself. I had really studied well for that entrance and I cracked it. Maybe if things hadn’t gone wrong, I would have been in a law college. Wow. But I believe everything happens for a reason, a good reason; so I am not upset about it.

I am happy, really very happy. My hard work paid off, it’s just that I know about it now. But I am NOT useless as I had always thought. I am going to put my efforts with all the confidence and I am sure I will get what I want.

And this applies to everyone. Life has got plans for you, keep trying and working hard, play along and you’ll get what you want.


Okay then, bye 🙂


3 thoughts on “Not useless!

  1. Nidhi I’m so happy for you. 😀😀😀
    I couldn’t stop myself reading your story. It is an inspiring one. 🙂

    My results got declared too last night and I’m so happy too. 😃

    I wish you all the very best for your future Nidhi 😃

    Liked by 1 person

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