So, it begins…

The day I got admission in Delhi University, I was really happy. I was looking forward to all the new experiences I am going to have, all the new friends I am going to make and a lot more. I lived in a hostel, and there were 10 girls on my floor. We were there for each other, with each other for whole three years. All the late night chit chat, gossips, cooking, teasing, watching horror movie at 3 a.m. It was wonderful. Although the food sucked and we didn’t really like the owner, but hey we had each other all the time; when we cried we had shoulders, when we laughed we had company. We complained three years about how ridiculous the owner and food was but none of us left that place. We were in love, with each other, our rooms, our beds, our floor.

And my college, I have to say I had the best classmates ever. We were a huge group of around 20 people or something and we were considered the best batch of the department. All the trips we had together, the birthday treats, tests and exams, mini militia craze, it was all amazing.

And now, those three years of fun are over. I feel horrible as I referred everything up there in past tense.

But that’s true, it’s a past now. A beautiful, filled with good memories, but a past.

As one by one, my floor mates started to leave, it killed me from inside. I am very emotional, and it was really difficult to say goodbye. Well, I left that hostel and for one month moved to this another hostel. But my old roommate was there with me. I was kind of relieved.

Two days back she also went. And she was in a hurry, we didn’t get a chance to hug and say goodbye. But I guess that happened for good, otherwise I would have cried a lot.

My classmates are off to new places for their masters degree, only few will be here in Delhi University with me. Now here I am, in my new hostel, all alone, getting bored and wondering how it would be when the session in college starts.

Same classrooms, same department, same roads, but the people will be different. Idea of not seeing those faces again makes me sad. All the games that we played together in the department lawn, those preparations for practical exams on terrace, freshers’ party and a lot more.

It’s not gonna be same. All who were so close to me, with whom I shared and discussed everything, will be gone.

But I am going to keep moving, because I know it’s for better. It hurts for now, but it’s all going to be okay.



11 thoughts on “So, it begins…

  1. “Life has always been complicated. Life is a contrast. Life is an irony. You never know what life has in store for you. The next moment might be a splendour or hell. You just can’t predict. Be little hopeful and good will surely happen, sooner or later. The best part is that anything can happen which will reduce your past pains. All you have to do is wait. Life requires you to move on because ‘Everything happens for a reason’ and ‘There is always something good hidden in every act’. All you need is a different perspective. You need to change how you look at things. You need to change your perspective. This won’t make your life a heaven but it’d surely be much better than the hell you are presently living in.”-
    Lines from a post I am going to post soon….

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