Learn from the mistakes!

Remember how at some point in our lives we all are taught that we should learn from our mistakes. Why are we taught that? Well, answer is simple so that we can’t repeat those mistakes again.

Hmmmm! Okay.

But what if we don’t even get a chance to learn from our mistakes? I believe in seizing the day. Come on, I mean we all know that we do not know how long we are going to live.

Maybe you’re at you home sitting planning about what would you do at 65 or 70, and you never know maybe God is thinking “Huh! Are you kidding me, 70?! No, I can’t wait till 70 to see you; maybe we’ll meet a little early.”

*I am not good at it, but that part was supposed to be funny*

It was 4 in the morning, I wasn’t able to sleep and while thinking about this and a lot of things, I was scrolling my Face book page when I saw this;


And I got the answer to my question. Guys when I say life is small you know I am right; who has time for waiting to do wrong and then learn from them!?

I don’t.

Learn from the circumstance around, and you’ll never disappoint yourself.

Okay bye 🙂



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