We are Sorry :(

Recently I read an article about how Africans, who have come either for job or higher studies, face racism in India. They are treated differently and are not welcomed. I never knew anything about such conditions. I am a proud Indian but this is shameful.



There were statements of around 10 people who said that they were not treated well in India. I just want to apologize. I might not exactly understand your situation but I have been faced this discrimination based on my color and I know that feeling. I am really very sorry for all the bad experiences that you have faced here.

But I want to say that we all aren’t the same. You’ll find many Indians here who respect your culture and are always ready to help.

And I would like to request people of my country to be nice. Someone is away from their motherland, their home, their family, please try to make things easy for them and not difficult.

Okay bye:)


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