Once upon a time…

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Once upon a time there was a newly married couple. They both were really happy together. They both complemented each other and the guy, especially, was very caring and supportive. After 3 years of their marriage, god gifted them with a beautiful baby boy. They were very happy as finally their family was complete.

That day the father of the child came back to the hospital and went to his wife; he started showing her all the things he bought for the new born bay. All the toys, the tiny little clothes and especially the towel. He said, “It took me like an hour to choose this towel. All other towels weren’t that soft  and I didn’t really like the material. I would get best for my child no matter what.”

“Yeah, alright but I want to see my son now please. Its been  5 hours. Where is my child?”, She asked. A tear slowly rolled out of her eyes.

“You are not well, doctor has asked you to take care for a while. You relax I’ll go and get our baby to you.”

They didn’t really know that universe had a different plan for them.

She fell asleep while waiting for him. He didn’t return for next  9 hours.

When he returned she was sleeping. He sat next to her and woke her up. She woke up and started looking here and there, “where is our baby? and hey, where are all the gifts you bought for him, his clothes, his towel ?”

He looked down, took a deep breath and with a trembling voice, he replied, “He fell asleep darling, and I tried but he wouldn’t get up. I wrapped him baby in that towel  and buried him. And yeah he has all his toys and clothes with him, don’t worry.” , and he busted out in tears.That lady didn’t even see her child. He became just a memory for her.

But, yeah they moved on because they had no other option. Two years later, she got pregnant again. They both were really scared this time but all went well and they got their first child, a baby girl.


And five years later, they had their another child, again a girl :). After this, the doctor told them that if the lady gets pregnant again, there is a possibility she could not survive. And hence, they decided not to have any more children.So there they were with their two daughters. They were complete. They were happy.

But apparently their parents were not. The boy’s mother once called him and when she realized that her daughter-in-law cannot give her a grandson now, she asked her son to marry again. Otherwise, there would be no one to carry their name in future.

The guy, for the first time got angry at his mother. He said, “Mom, she is my wife, I love her.”

Well, they are still together, they fight at times, they argue but they know they are best for each other.

You’ll have ups and downs in life, everyone has, it’s all about how you face them.

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