Got Reservation?

Hello 🙂

Just in case you are confused, I am not talking about table reservation for dinner or the reservation in train. I guess now few of you might have understood what I am talking about but to those who aren’t aware of how things work in India, let me explain.

Reservation is booking of seats for few people, not in a hotel but at jobs in government offices, in Universities. When the constitution of India, was written by Baba Bhimrao Ambedkar, he has put this point of “reservation” in it for the lower castes, people of backward classes, schedule castes and schedule tribes. The only purpose to provide them this benefit was to establish equality, to remove the concept of untouchability, to give them a chance to lead a respectful life, to give them a chance to rise.The people belonging to the category “General” are considered/assumed to have had privileges during the independence, they are called the higher self sufficient castes. But what is actually happening today is:

Let me make it more clear, let’s take an example:

During admissions in a college if percentage required is 95 and you show you Schedule caste or schedule tribe certificate, that percentage for you would decrease and you will get admissions even if your merit is little low. This is the cut-off list of a college;


But, after these many years of independence the “general” is struggling. They will have to get 96% if they want the same college that a ST candidate would get for 88%. Is that fair?

Ever since I have been sensible enough to understand things, I have seen the “general” category’s people criticizing this whole RESERVATION system while other enjoy it.

I belong to a backward class, I get concession too, and right now I am not at all proud of it. Not because may be my great grandfathers were of lower castes but the whole purpose of introducing the reservation has been lost and the general category is actually suffering. The country is suffering.After so many years of Independence, that thought the was introduced for people’s good, in a way, backfired. The recent Jatt reservation fights are an example for that. That agitation caused deaths, the protests were estimated to have caused a loss of ₹340 billion (US$5.1 billion) in northern India. All because a group wanted reservation.

People need to understand that reservation should be given to those who need it. I have seen families where both the parents are working and earning good enough but wherever needed they use their certificates. And they aren’t the only one doing that.

But that is not why I started writing about this topic. I recently got to know about this girl in my hostel, who belongs to backward class but she refuses to use her caste certificate because she knows she is self sufficient and doesn’t need that. I have huge respect for her.

We all need to understand that, the purpose of reservation is equality and not discrimination and destruction. The people living in slum area with no opportunity needs reservation. I am not against reservation, it should be there but for those who actually need it.

And I have decided of not using my certificate anymore. I never knew that we have that option also, because I wasn’t told that ever. But now when I know, I would like to be honest to myself maybe.

Ok bye 🙂



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