The girl behind the glasses!!

Hey !! I am back. 🙂


You all must have been through this situation, when you really want to sleep but your mind won’t let you. It will make you think about all the embarrassing and stupid things you have done in your life. I was kinda trying to handle the same situation last night when a memory woke me up.

I am a final year student in Delhi University and I live in a girl’s pg with 40 other girls of different courses.  Last year something happened. Something that made me broke.

Me and my roommate, Himani, were playing in the common room. Actually we weren’t exactly playing but wrestling. And you know wrestling is not ludo  or carom board that you can play sitting at a single place. So, yes, we were running, pushing each other, slapping each other. Oh by the way, we were doing this playfully.

And during this so-called wrestling session, I happened to push Himani really hard and luckily she landed on the couch. Phew !! I almost got my friend admitted to the hospital.

Well, she was alright. But apparently the thing on which she landed was not. We thought she fell on the couch but on the couch there was a mini laptop and she actually fell on that. Ok! so what she fell on that mini laptop, I mean she once threw her laptop (that wasn’t mini) on the floor, from a height of 2 meters, and that too with a great velocity, nothing happened to it.

*And that’s not a lie. I didn’t made that up.*

But this mini laptop was not hers, but of this another girl, Shruti, a bespectacled girl, who by the way is good in academics, sings well, writes and is an amazing photographer and lives with us on the same floor. She saw everything that happened and yeah she didn’t react, until she opened that little thing.

The screen got wrinkles. One big and three small ones. It got cracked. Our smiles faded.  Me and Himani were really very sorry. But our sorry wouldn’t have got that fixed. And Shruti was in no condition to tell her parents about that, because that was a brand new gift. Ok, so now what ?!

She came to our room after an hour or two, and told us that she has to get it fixed by her own and requested us to chip in. Well, that tiny little baby needed nine thousand rupees to get fixed. That means 3000 rupees per head  and damn my pocket money is 2000.

We didn’t refuse because the mistake was ours. Although we didn’t do it on purpose, but yeah we are good floor mates and Shruti needed help.

Me and Himani didn’t tell our parent about that. We borrowed,  cut down our expenses and I didn’t take auto to my department the whole month. But hey, I lost one and a half kg that month. I am not complaining here but that challenge was quite challenging.

The month was gone, that little thing got repaired and we all were relieved. But yeah we, me and Himani, did make fun about that whole incidence, infront of Shruti, a lot. We never taunted or did it with complaining intention though.

One day she came to us and handed an envelope to us, “To, Himani and Nidhi” this was written on that envelope.  I exactly remember her words. She said, “I felt really bad about that but I was helpless and I had thought that whenever possible I will return the amount to you guys. I won this cash prize from an online photography competition. This is not much but this is all I have right now.”

I was moved. I am little too emotional and what she did was unbelievable. That gesture of her left me dumbstruck.

I had thought of writing a letter regarding the same to her when I leave the pg, to tell her that how much that meant to me. But hey why to wait that long ?!

So, Thank you! 🙂


Ok Bye 🙂




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