Bollywood has taught me a lot!

Hey there! I am writing my new post.:)

The mood in which I am right now I cannot explain it. And actually it’s not a mood but a realization. Generally I get into such a situation after watching some movie. I just watched Zindagi naa milegi dobara or as we in India say it ZNMD, again. Last time when I watched the movie I didn’t like it. I mean I liked it but I thought that the ending was abrupt; it was an OK movie for me.

But today it made me go crazy, in a good way. ZNMD is one of the best movies I have ever seen in my this 20 years of life. I would suggest you to watch it too. If you have already watched it, go watch it again. The movie is about the three guys and their trip to Spain and how in Spain, they overcome their fears of life. In short the message is SEIZE  THE DAY !!

Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara 43

I am not trying to be a critic here. It’s just that I know myself; I am too sorted in life right now and by right now I mean at this particular time i.e. 2:05 a.m. IST.

I have decided so many things for MYSELF and what “I” want from life. Right now I don’t care about the world, I want to live my life the way “I” want and not how people out there have thought for me. All because of the movie. And may be tomorrow morning I will get up and the routine will make me forget all these things. I am too emotional; may be tomorrow some situation will make me change my decisions. So, I want to put it here, on my blog so that every time I read or see it, I remember this particular moment.

And one more thing.  Recently I went to watch NEERJA; a bollywood movie again, with my friends. It’s about a girl, Neerja Bhanot, who saved 359 passengers from a plane hijack in Karachi, Pakistan in 1986. She was shot by one of the hijackers, while saving three kids. The one dialogue that was repeated again and again in the movie and that hit me really hard was “zindagi badi honi chahie babumushai, lambi nahi”.

This is a very famous dialogue by Rajesh Khanna from movie Anand.  That means “Life should be great my friend and not long”.


And that makes so much sense. Doesn’t it? What is the value of the 100 years that you plan to live if you have to live it according to someone else.  What is the benefit of those 100 years if after you go no one is there to say “He or She was really a good person”.

Live your life to the fullest. Try to make some difference every day. Try to do at least one thing daily that makes YOU happy.  And wish for a Great life and not the long one. Because at the end that is the only thing that’s gonna matter.  And do remember two things :

Zindagi badi honi chahie, lambi nahi.

And, seize the day because Zindagi naa milegi dobara. (You won’t get this life again)

PS: Sorry if you find this post little unorganized.

Ok Bye 🙂




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