I wish i had stopped him !!

Hello πŸ™‚


First of all, this is not a love story, as my friends thought when I told them the title. But yeah, this was one of the most wonderful experiences I have ever had.

In December I had my college trip to Himanchal and after one week of this amazing and crazy trip we all came back to Delhi. At around 7 in the morning our train reached Old Delhi railway station and we all, with our bags, headed towards our respective homes and hostels.

As it was an overnight journey and I didn’t charge my phone; so yeah, by morning the battery was dead. But I was least worried about that because I almost had reached. I entered the metro station, took my train and finally reached my stop. Now I just had to do three things, take an auto rickshaw, reach hostel and sleep for hours.

Oh by the way, at this time I was alone and I had no company. I got into an auto with my luggage and I don’t know why but I opened my purse. Oops!! I just had one 500 rupee note and the rickshaw driver said he had no change as it was early morning and fare was only 10 rupees. I had my phone with zero battery, so i wouldn’t call anyone and I knew that, cause’ of holidays, I will find no one in my hostel to pay for me.

In that auto, three more guys were already sitting, well I decided not to get out and the driver also didn’t say anything. After half kilometer of driving he stopped, because the guy who was sitting next to me had to get off plus it was red light.

The guy paid to the driver and he started to go. I am not sure but he might have walked around 50 meters or something, when the driver turned around and said, “Madam, he paid for you.”

OH.MY.GOD. I was both shocked and surprised. I was dumbstruck. I just saw him going and didn’t even stop him to say thank you or anything. I was blank. I was moved. I can’t really express what I felt that moment. All I know is that I wasn’t in state to say anything.

I didn’t see his face, I don’t know if we are going to meet again. But I am not going to forget what he did. His gesture, WOW !! Since then, I have had a lot of dreams where I have found him and thanked him for what he did.

I really really wish I had stopped him and thanked him.

Thank you kind stranger.Β For helping me, letting me know again that, good people are still there in this mean world and see you gave me my blog story as well. πŸ˜‰

Strangers are not always bad; you just need to meet the right ones.

Ok bye πŸ™‚




19 thoughts on “I wish i had stopped him !!

  1. Strangers are not always bad; you just need to meet the right ones.
    That’s right.
    My Dear
    Don’t you always have it in mind, its good you thanked him from your Heart.
    But always be a stranger with strangers.
    Let all good things shower on YOU.

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  2. That’s very kind of that person ! True we are asked nowadays given how peace has been disturbed globally not to trust strangers but we cannot and should not generalize it!!
    there are beautiful souls around who are ready to help when and as needed!

    Cheers! Happy blogging
    I have joined 2 days back here and very new to blogging .kindly visit my blog and review it.Share your comments

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