When I was taught CASTE SYSTEM in chemistry class!!

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The whole topic of CASTE SYSTEM is very sensitive and is supposed to be dealt with care. In India and especially at this place where I live, I have found people quite castist.

I am not saying all, but yeah a huge number of people are.

I am sorry, I don’t really mean to hurt anyone but that’s the truth.And I am not just saying it but I myself have witnessed all this , in my locality and even in my home.

People here would ask you your name and trust me they won’t just be satisfied with your first name because that won’t tell them anything about your caste you see.

I experienced something really pathetic in my school days regarding the same. This happened when I was in class 11th.

My chemistry teacher had this really amazing habit of using analogy to make the concepts easy for us. That day also, I thought he was going to do the same when he asked four students of my class, including me, to stand up and answer his question.

Well, the question he asked was kind of shocking and not a healthy question at all.

He named four castes and asked each one of us that people of which caste, according to us, are the dumbest.

*Excuse me?!! Have you gone insane.*

I was dumbstruck for a moment. I mean what kind of question was that and why would any teacher ask such insensitive, stupid and dumb question. And it was no analogy and had got nothing to do with chemistry.

It took me a while to realize that the four options he gave were similar to the castes of the four students, who were supposed to give the answer.

I really wanted to answer him back that, I guess the teacher who would ask such question would be the dumbest.

But I couldn’t because he would have failed me in my exams. I really know and trust him.

I told this story to many of my elders and every time the discussion would make at least one of them angry and the anger was not because of the stupidity of the teacher but because their opinions would never match and they would not decide that people of which caste are the dumbest and which one’s are the intelligent.

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