Not really happy, just LUCKY !!


Recently  an organisation started a campaign, #HAPPY TO BLEED. The main aim was to break the menstrual taboo. Well, that was a good approach and no doubt it was a big success as well even I was a part of that, see


This picture was on Facebook, on the page of this organisation I was working for because they were supporting this as well.

Although I did this but  being a girl I kind of had a problem with the tag line that said “#happy to bleed”.

Ok first of all NO girl is happy to bleed. Periods are messy and restricting and irritating and what not.For example;

If you think of going on a trip you’ll have to make sure that your dates are not coinciding with your trip’s date. And you dare travelling in those days, trust me you’ll have a horrible experience.

And the pain. God !! how can anyone  just forget about the unbearable pain a girl has to go through.

The mood swings, well they are problem for, I believe, every person around.

So, I don’t really think we, girls, are happy to bleed.

It’s just that we are LUCKY TO BLEED.

Ok bye 🙂


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