Best regret !!

Hi 🙂


Have you ever judged anyone? May be on their looks, the way they talk, the attitude they hold.

Oh c’mon don’t say you haven’t because we ALL do that every now and then. Think carefully may be you were thinking and judging someone today afternoon only, just saying :p

Well, I am not going to ask you to stop judging others ( but that doesn’t mean I am encouraging you ) or give you a lecture about why you shouldn’t judge others or anything like that. I have a question for you.

Have you ever been wrong about someone in a good way? As in you judged someone,that this person is bad or just not my type, and then he/she turned out to be totally opposite.

I am sure you all have been through such a situation where you are like, ” Oh my god !! This person turned out to be so opposite of what I had thought about him/her.”

This has happened with me a lot of times. And I have always regretted my judgement after that.

The guy about whom, on first day of the college, I thought that he is such a weirdo and so not my type, is now my best friend.

The girl from my school, who, according to me was not really compatible with me is now my roommate and a great friend.

My HOD, about whom I thought is a damn strict teacher turned out to be such an amazing person.

That moment when you realize that you have had a wrong perspective of a person and he/she is actually good, that feeling is something that can’t be expressed. It’s just different. It leaves you all amused but that feeling is amazing.

Ok Bye.


4 thoughts on “Best regret !!

  1. That’s true!! Absolutely, we should never judge anyone, but being in our nature, we can’t help it! I am glad that i know you now!! 😂😂


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