Selfie with a Dead body !!


Hi 🙂

After a long time I am back, again.

And I feel so lazy these days that I am sure I had not been back here if i wouldn’t have met this girl.

Few days back, I was at an event with my friends and few members of an organization ( I don’t know which organization it was, sorry :p)

So, I started talking to this girl, who was part of that organization, let’s say her name is Payal. For me she was a really nice girl, not an introvert, open-minded and pretty cool, until I saw this really weird picture in her phone’s gallery.

As I mentioned earlier, she was pretty “cool” so she had no problem in showing me her pictures. While I was looking at all the pictures of her cousin’s wedding, her Shimla trip and all, there was one picture I didn’t understand.

It was a selfie, three of her friends, including her, were standing on a bridge and they looked nice but there was something in the background that they tried to capture but it wasn’t clear.

I asked her what that was and her reply left me dumbstruck.

“Oh ! That’s a dead body.” She said laughingly.

I looked at her and looked and looked. How could anyone be so insensitive ?!

Why would any human on this earth would do that?

Let me think, umm oh may be because now-a-days selfie with a pout is too mainstream.

And if you think this could just not be true; then google it, you will be both surprised and pissed off.

Ok Bye !!


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