Beggar Beggar !! What do you want ?


Hi 🙂

Have you ever been to Rahgiri ? Ohk so people who don’t live in Delhi I want to tell you guys that Rahgiri is a celebration that happens every Sunday at Connaught Place or CP. Every Sunday from 6 to 9 the whole CP is closed, no buses, no cars, no bikes are allowed and almost every shop there is closed.

People from all over Delhi come here and do whatever they feel like. Dance, acting, band performance, play volley ball, badminton. It’s really amazing.

Yesterday I with my #womenite team(a social venture) went to Rahgiri to organize a “free hugs and free high-fives campaign.”

Well, yeah the campaign was a great success but what happened after that is something that I wanted to tell about.

As we all were done with our campaign, we stood near the Gate no.5 of metro station there only. After a while, a woman with a girl of age around 5 years old, came to us and started asking for money, she was a beggar,“Please give me some money, my little girl is hungry.”

*She said that in Hindi by the way*

My friend opened her purse to give her money but I stopped her, took a tiffin box out of my bag and offered her two slices of bread, well that was all I had. She refused at first and kept asking for money. Finally she took the bread and gave it to the little girl but she kept on asking for money from my friend whose wallet was not closed yet. I said,“You wanted food right? well now you have some, please go.”  

*I also said that in Hindi*

When she realized she is knocking at the wrong door and I won’t let my friend give her money, she snatched the slices of bread from the hands of that girl and threw them on my legs and started abusing and cursing me.

She didn’t stop and went from there, but she kept on staring at me and abusing me till I was out of her sight.

I was furious, No, I AM furious, I am angry and I am disappointed. What has happened to our society?

You do wrong to anyone, you will be cursed and try doing something good, they will still not be satisfied. I am sure that from now I am not going to give anything to any beggar, not even food !!

This was the second lesson for me. 😦 Which was the first one ?!

Will tell you sometime later.

Ok bye :/


4 thoughts on “Beggar Beggar !! What do you want ?

  1. A few days back, I encountered something similar.
    I was passing by Hans Raj college when I saw an old man with legs both broken and artificial (Sits everyday at Malka Ganj Chawk) who keeps weighing machine and charge only Rs.5. I was looking up for measuring my weight for quite a long time. So I decided to stop by and I asked him, “How much Uncle?”. He raised both his hands with a big smile like as if he meant nothing. I had 10 Rupee in my pocket which I instantly decided to give him and told him to keep the change. Surprisingly he insisted me take the change with utmost desire.

    You see, this man much needed money but yet decide not to beg for it and only earn it by at least giving some kind of service. Also, not being greedy either.

    There are such people in this world too. A lot of them. Helping them is not bad. I felt really good that day helping that man. And I would want to do that often whenever I see him.

    Look for the people who need it then for those who ask for it for nothing.
    This is actually the lesson you should be learning from your incident 😉

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