The Most Beautiful Letter Ever.


Hi 🙂

Ohk so today I am feeling loved with my sister (in the language of facebook!).
So, I am writing this .
Last year when I was coming back to Delhi from my home, my little sister gave me a box wrapped with a gift paper.

Next day when I reached Delhi and opened the box, I couldn’t stop laughing. It contained her exam’s question papers, a set of earrings, two thumb rings and a letter with my passport size photo attached to it.

The letter :


Maine gift by train send kia hai, so, tumhe bhi mujhe return gift dena hoga. Baht hasi aa rahi hai naa?!

Mai kuch nahi janti, tumhe toh dena hi padega, chaho toh 29th se pehle tum maffence (muffins) bhej sakti ho

Most wonderful


I was overwhelmed, I was happy and I couldn’t stop laughing.

So far this has been the cutest letter that I have ever received. For the first time I realized how much this little girl loves me and even I can’t live without her.

My idiot, cute little sister, I may not say it more often but yes I love you !! :p

ok bye 🙂


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