Why “Brown Little Sparrow” ?


Hi 🙂

If you are a blogger or planning to start a blog, the very common problem that you will face is NAME OF THE BLOG. I would have started this blog of mine in july only, i had a lot in my head, i was ready with my articles but the only problem i faced when my roommate asked me,”Hey, what is the name of your blog ?”

Oops !!  I haven’t thought yet !

Initially, my blog’s name was NIDHISINGH4893.

Yeah !! But that was a mistake, I didn’t realize that the column in which I am filling this is BLOG’S NAME !

Finally, one night, as i jumped into my bed all tired, and closed my eyes, i thought of my grandparents and our house in that small town. Well, the thing that fascinates me a lot about that house are the big windows and the small nests of tiny little sparrows in the spaces of the windows.

All this reminded me of my summer holidays when i was in 5th standard. My dad works at a place which is around 200 kms away from my hometown, so every summer we visit our grandparents. It was mid of June, and as usual there was power cut and in that really hot summer we all were sitting in the veranda with hand fans, gossiping and playing Ludo. The little sparrows were chirping and flying all over the veranda and even inside the living room.It was really wonderful despite the fact that we all were sweating and there was no hope of the electricity for next two hours.

But, to our surprise, that day this miracle happened and within next 15 minutes our fans started rotating and we all rushed to our rooms to relax for a while.

All of a sudden the chirping of sparrows became loud and constant. It got me little curious, so I got out of my bed, and as I reached in the living room, I saw that the fan and lights of the living room were still on and a sparrow was lying on the floor.

She was Dead.

I was moved. Just because I was irresponsible and forgot to switch the fan off, a life was gone. That one big mistake that I made is something that I would never forget and this blog is just a dedication.

I can’t get her life back but through this blog I am not gonna let her die again.


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