Question that was left unanswered !!


“Statistical report says that in India, around 92 women are raped everyday and cases of molestation, asking for sexual favors and eve-teasing are even higher.” This was just a report for me until I met this girl.

I have just joined this Social venture #WOMENITE and as a member my first project was a workshop. So, basically with a team I was asked to conduct a workshop on sexual harassment, in a school. Wow !!  Dude, That’s Big !!

I mean I am just 19 and I had a perfect opportunity to teach, to prepare a huge group of girls for something that is really important, something that they should know and something that they are not comfortable to discuss with their parents.

Well, the motive of the workshop was fulfilled. We were able to motivate so many girls, they opened up and shared their experiences and problems with us. We answered almost every question and gave solutions as well but there was one girl whom we weren’t able to help.

A girl approached us, she was reluctant at first but finally after 10 minutes of silence, she spoke.

“Ma’am, my dad. Every night after my mom sleeps, he comes to my room and……”, and she started crying.

“Please tell me what should i do ?” she added with a trembling voice.

We all were SHOCKED !! After a moment, we asked her if she has talked to her mother about this. The answer was even more shocking. Her mother already knew about this but she didn’t want her husband to go behind the bars, so she asked her daughter to be quiet.


The bell rang and she was forced by her teacher to get inside the classroom.She left all of us thinking. We discussed and tried to find any solution. But, we failed.

Its been 4 weeks and I am still thinking, I am still in a shock, I still don’t have any answer.


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