Hello Reader ,



The little poem might give you a feeling that i am an introvert and that’s why i am here, may be to open up a little .

But NO.. I am a girl who talks a lot and can speak endlessly . I have great friends with whom i share ALMOST everything but not everything.

I look super energetic most of  the time but i also feel low, sometimes. I may look really cool but i also have  few  a lot of insecurities. I am scared that the world out there will judge me and not understand me. 😦

That’s the reason why i am here.To speak and share WHATEVER is on my mind .

And because i am too lazy to write big articles so MOST of my posts will be short only.

Hope you like them.

Happy Reading 🙂


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  1. Amazing. Your writing has Immaculateness. It’s really nice to read your posts.
    Thanks for following, I’ll do the same. So that, I can read more of your posts. Keep posting, keep reading.

    Welcome to blogosphere Nidhi. 🙂

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